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Congratulations to the Jason Lee McKinney Band!

Jason Lee McKinney is part of the Carpe Artista Instructor Team. He is one of the Leaders of the Jukebox Hero Student Camp, a Band Manager for Jukebox Hero Adult yearly and is currently part of the Carpe Team writing the curriculum for the soon to launch Carpe Studio. 

Jason is a very talented singer/songwriter/musician. His band is traveling worldwide (France this year, Poland last year) and all over the United States weekly. But we are proud to be able to have him in Smyrna, Tennessee most often. Jason's resume` is long and varied. His business career also includes being the Music Business Department Chair at Visible Music College in the role of Dr. Jason Lee McKinney. 

His most important role played on a daily basis is husband to Summer McKinney and father to Zeke, Zion, Zakyra and baby Kai. The music talent continues through the family - Zakyra sings with Jason on the award winning song of the year and twins Zeke and Zion are singer/songwriters/musicians playing in their own band- in college, local venues and at their church. 

Thank you for sharing your talents with us Jason - CONGRATULATIONS! Your hard work paid off!